Glen Rogers | Trainee

Glen’s interest in the law was apparent from an early age. 'From when I was about 13, I was watching legal TV shows, and in transition year, I did my work experience placements in the Four Courts and in a solicitor’s office. I was fascinated by the machinery of the state, by how ordinary people and big companies, even foreign countries, can make their voices heard through the courts.'

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After the Law degree

After a law degree at Trinity, he applied to several major firms, but he was the most impressed by the McCann FitzGerald process. 'With some of the other interviews, I had the feeling that they were trying to catch me out. With McCann FitzGerald, it was very clear from the beginning that the two partners had read my application in complete depth and had ideas in their heads of what they wanted to ask me. I immediately felt like I was being listened to and treated like a future employee of the firm.'

'One of the untold benefits of a traineeship with McCann FitzGerald is that everybody is at the top of their game'

Life as a trainee

Glen was offered a McCann FitzGerald traineeship, and he spent two and a half years working as a legal executive while he completed his FE1 exams. 'I got a lot of experience as a legal executive in the litigation department and that was actually where I did my first seat as a trainee. I enjoy the contentious side of things, it’s very much about representing your client’s best interests, and the standard of cases we deal with is exceptional.' 'One of the untold benefits of a traineeship with McCann FitzGerald is that everybody is at the top of their game, they know what they’re talking about, and yet no question that you have is considered trivial. There's a true open-door policy here. I know I can go and ask an expert for guidance, and they’ll point me in the right direction within minutes. Then suddenly I have all this information that would easily take me a day or two of research to find on my own. That's very constructive; it helps our clients and it helps you develop as a trainee.'

Long-term future

Glen sees his long-term future with the firm. 'So many of our partners did their own training here, and trainees are constantly referred to as the partners of the future. There is a definite sense that it’s a path that is open to you if you are willing to work hard enough.'