Joining the Dots: Ireland’s Evolving Ten Year National Energy and Climate Plan

2019 is a landmark year for energy and environment. By the end of 2019, Member States, like Ireland, will be required to submit National Energy and Climate Plans 2021 – 2030 ("NECPs"). Each finalised NECP will serve two purposes. It will map out the national contribution to regional climate objectives. It will also provide the framework within which key sectors (like energy, construction, transport and agriculture) can develop and operate over the next 10 years. The Irish government submitted the first draft of our NECP to the European Commission in December 2018. European recommendations on this draft are expected by 1 July 2019, and a further public consultation on the final draft plan is scheduled for Q3 2019.  In preparation for this public consultation, this briefing provides an overview of the NECP and answers key questions like: what the NECP is designed to achieve; how Ireland expects to realise its objectives; and what will happen next.

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