Pensions and Incentives

We advise companies, boards of directors, trustees, and compensation committees, on a broad range of pension and incentive issues.

Our expertise:

Our Pensions and Employee Incentives Group advises on the design, implementation and restructuring of pension and remuneration plans. We provide advice on pension schemes to leading employers, trustees and committees in what is a turbulent environment for many pension plans. Our incentives work involves advising sponsoring employers and trustees on both Revenue approved and unapproved incentive plans.

Key areas:

Our pensions work includes:

  • The establishment, harmonisation, restructuring and freezing of pension arrangements
  • Dealing with the legal aspects of funding proposals and plans and contingent assets
  • Advising on public sector pension schemes and issues specifically relating to those schemes
  • Governance of pension schemes
  • Communication programmes with members
  • Scheme specific trustee and committee training
  • Pensions aspects of corporate finance transactions and mergers and acquisitions

Our incentives work includes:

  • Revenue approved profit sharing schemes
  • Revenue approved share option schemes and save-as-you-earn schemes
  • Management incentive plans (cash-based) (unapproved)
  • Share option schemes (unapproved)
  • Long-term incentive plans (share based)
  • Restricted stock unit plans

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