knowledge | 27 January 2017 |

Irish Revenue issue eBrief on status of Revenue Opinions and Confirmations

Irish Revenue have today issued an eBrief confirming that all opinions/confirmations issued by them have a maximum validity period of 5 years, or such shorter period as may be specified by Revenue when issuing the opinion/confirmation.

To the extent that a taxpayer is relying on an opinion/confirmation from Irish Revenue they should check the date that the opinion was issued. If the taxpayer wishes to continue to rely on an opinion issued before 1 January 2012 for any transaction, or the whole or part of any period, after 1 January 2017 they will need to:

  • Supply to Revenue a copy of the written opinion/confirmation previously received from Revenue, and
  • Lodge a full application for the renewal or extension of the opinion/confirmation to the relevant Tax District that deals with their affairs.

To the extent that you are impacted by the content of this eBrief please feel free to contact a member of our Tax Department. 

You may access the eBrief here.

This document has been prepared by McCann FitzGerald LLP for general guidance only and should not be regarded as a substitute for professional advice. Such advice should always be taken before acting on any of the matters discussed.

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