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Crisis Management

How we help our clients through a sudden emergency situation.

What defines a crisis?

A major crisis is an issue an organisation is faced with which escalates rapidly in a 48 hour period and is completely unexpected therefore unavoidable. There are two broad categories a crisis falls under and they are disasters and sector/organisation specific. A disaster would be classified as a major oil spill, gas explosion, shipping collision, nuclear plant incident or a major fire.

A sector/organisation specific crisis relates to where an organisation is accused of wrong-doing/inappropriate behaviour/operational failure on a major scale. The issue at hand can vary considerably but nevertheless the organisation must respond within the first 48 hours, this is a critical time.

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How can we help?

Knowing the importance of those first 48 hours is vital to our strategy. We use our clients time wisely and ensure that our clients clearly understand the legal requirements, communication needs and governance procedures. We work side by side with the management team and other key external advisers on the regulatory, communications and insurance side to identify the most strategic action/reaction plan. Our crisis management team have advised on many issues in the area including securities and corporate governance; internal investigations; liaising with regulators and the media; product recall; white-collar and corporate crime and employment and intellectual property disputes.

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