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Environmental, Social and Governance

Our society now recognises the importance to our future of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations

This importance will only continue to grow as a consequence of a rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment and because investors, stakeholders and law-makers are now more focused on ESG matters – risks and opportunities - than ever before.

But this can represent a challenge. The breadth of issues covered by the "ESG" banner can make it challenging for businesses to understand what they must do to manage these risks and opportunities. COVID-19 has acted as an ESG accelerant and enabled an important link to be drawn between climate change, economic growth and wider sustainability and social objectives.

At McCann FitzGerald LLP our holistic knowledge of ESG matters, coupled with our sector-focused expertise and experience, can help you navigate these challenges. Our understanding of the regulatory, political and policy drivers enables us to bring clarity to the complex outcomes of ESG metrics. We can help your organisation shape its response to those requirements, opportunities and risks, and to be innovative and resilient in doing so.

We can help you to a more sustainable future, as part of Ireland’s transition to a sustainable economy.

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